Follow-Up Training

Annual, or semi-annual, conventions/open houses where students, teachers, and mentors share the things they have learned and experienced since the last one and zone each other or, if I am very lucky, zone me.     New techniques and science will be presented.

Membership Fees
There will be no fees for membership except the class fees paid by those entering by membership option #1.    The testing materials, etc. required for membership under options #2 and #3 will be sent by e-mail whenever possible.    If printed materials mailed to you are required a small fee to cover cost of printing and mailing may apply.

Mentor Program
Butterfly Miracles has, in the past, been approached by graduates of other zone schools and other competent zone therapists about the possibility of taking our class at a reduced rate.     Feeling that their education has already cost them quite a bit of money, we have worked out a program that is reciprocally beneficial to them and to Butterfly Miracles.

Experienced zone therapists mentor the new students as they perform zones.    This means that they watch a team of two—a team of 4 in the later classes—as they zone each other during each class.     This allows them to attend the classes, participating in the anatomy and physiology discussion, learn new techniques and benefit from the experience of the Butterfly Miracles teaching staff.

If you—or anyone you know—would like to become a mentor, please contact Butterfly Expressions, llc at 208-747-3021 and ask to speak with Gina.    Our waiting list is a little bit long, but we will get you in as soon as we possibly can.