Homeopathic Class

COST: $200 4 days
Books included in class fee: Butterfly Miracles with Homeopathic Remedies and Butterfly Miracles with Homeopathic Remedies II

Topics included during this class:
Contraries and Similars
Acute and Chronic Diseases
Suppressions and Miasms
Constitutional Remedies
Basic Dosage Guidelines
Biochemic Cell Salts
Progression of Healing
Deep Impact and Generational Issues
Remedies Sorted by Plant, Animal, and Mineral
Flower Essences
Color and Sound Remedies
Remedies for Specific Conditions
First Aid Using Homeopathic Remedies
Using Homeopathics For
Behavioral Disorders
Learning Disabilities
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Various Homeopathic Formulas and Remedies.