The Butterfly Miracles Foot Zone Course

The foot zone course is two days a month for 9 months.

The first 4 classes cover the zone map, one basic area at a time.     An individual mentor will be provided for each zoning pair, as you will be practicing what you have been taught by zoning a class member.

The first class will also include a discussion of basic standards and ethics of zone therapy, a copy of which you will be expected to sign and return for filing.

We will do a short “review” of muscles testing—we hope you have some basic muscle testing skills or will find a mentor and get started learning this skill before attending class, although muscle testing skills are not required for attendance.

Each stage of class will include an in-depth discussion of anatomy, both as it pertains to the zone and to prevention of health issues in general.

The course will include some basic information about herbal and homeopathic remedies and essential oils, as well as an introduction to a couple of energy modalities that we think you will find useful.

Mentors, one for each 2 zone pairs will be provided during ALL zone practice sessions

The outline for the anatomy portion of the zone class series is as follows:

#1 General Body Systems—Introduction to the course of study and some basics

#2 The skeletal structure, joints, muscles and tendons, skin, and the processes of aging

#3 The lymph system, lymph/vascular relationship, the immune system, the spleen

#4 Area 4 of the zone is quite large, so no anatomy is taught during this class.

#5 The digestive system and the many functions of the liver

#6 The brain and the nervous system; new research on communication within the body

#7 Circulation, the heart, and the cardiovascular system

#8 The endocrine, respiratory, and urinary systems

#9 The reproductive system (fun for me!), final review and testing, GRADUATION!!