Staying With Us

Most of the rooms have 2-4 beds.   This arrangement will most likely require you to share a room with a classmate or two.   Cost of room is $30.00 no matter how long the class is.   You are welcome to arrive the night prior to the first day of class.


You will be responsible for your own breakfast and dinner meals.   Lunch will be provided each day of class.  There is a full service kitchen located on the south end of the hallway near the rooms for your convenience.
Other Important Information

Clean sheets, blankets, towels and washcloths will be provided.

When you arrive you will find framed pictures hanging by the door of each room.   Your name will be written on the picture frame next to the room to which you are assigned.

We only ask that you clean up after yourself and do not leave food in the refrigerator when you leave.   

At the end of your stay we ask that you strip the sheets from the bed.   If there are clean sheets available in the room please make your bed before you leave.